Andrew & Rebeca Anderson, Artisan Piano


A member of the American College of Musicians, National Guild of Piano Teachers, Rebeca has taught private piano lessons for  twenty years.

She completed her basic piano studies with Ms Zamora and Mr Sergio Pena in her hometown of N.Laredo, Tam. Mexico.  


In 1994, Rebeca attended the Master Class Course of Studies at the St Petersburg Conservatory in Russia, where she studied with Nadezda M Eismont. In 1995 she attended Russia’s Rachmaninoff College of Music’s Festival and Masterclass Course (Tambov), where she studied with Prof. Alexandrov.

Upon her return from Russia she furthered her studies with Dr Valeri Grokhovski  (San Antonio), Dr. Jan Drath (Corpus Christi), Dr Paul (University of North Texas, Denton) , and Dr Laura Spitzer (New Mexico State University, Las Cruces).  Her latest interest in Spanish music brought her to Granada in Adulucia where she visited the local musical scene.


In 2003, Mrs Gonzalez de Anderson  attended Princeton based Center for Music and Young Children completing the Introductory and Advanced training in Early Childhood Music Teaching.  Mrs Anderson has recently been awarded Music Together certification level I status, having demonstrated outstanding achievement in teaching, musicianship,program philosophy, and parent education.  The certification was granted by Music Together LLC ‘s Founder/Director. 

Kenneth K. Guilmartin, Rebeca placed 2nd at the 3rd Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition in Corpus Christi, Tx, and placed 1st at the Sergio Pena State Competition in N.Laredo in 2004.  Mrs Anderson’s students excel each year at the National Piano Guild Auditions and have placed 1st through 3rd place at the Laredo International Piano Competition.  One of Mrs. Anderson’s students reached state in the 2012 UIL competition with top grades.

Andrew C. Anderson III

A member of the American College of Musicians, National Guild of Piano Teachers, Andrew was born in Michigan and raised in Canada. 

His detail oriented personality, his experience in  fine craftsmanship and his passion for music are reflected in the quality of the service he provides in the areas of piano sales, piano maintenance and teaching.  These areas of service have been enriched by years of continuing education through seminars, conventions and research.

His students do well in Piano Guild Auditions and he regularly has students participate and place in the Laredo International Piano Competition.

Andrew started piano lessons at the age of twelve.  He continued lessons in college and has enjoyed playing piano ever since.  He completed his secondary education at Upper Columbia Academy in Washington and continued his studies at Andrews University and Walla Walla College. In 2002 he completed his coursework and became certified as a Piano Technician.

While in New Mexico, Andrew was mentored into the Piano Technician’s Guild by the late Guy Nichols.  Andrew has continued to value participation in the Piano Technician’s Guild for the opportunities in continuing education and professional discussion.


Rebeca Gonzalez de Anderson