2011 Laredo International Piano Competition


Juries took place March 27th, 2011 at Artisan Piano Studios and Store

Level  1

Leopoldo Garza Rosas-1st Place

Sophia Quang Nguyen-2nd Place

Joshua Chun-3rd Place


Level 2

David Chun-1st Place

Alyssa Gonzalez-2nd Place

Biaany Hernandez-3rd Place


Level 3

Eros Rangel-1st Place

Jacqueline Vuong-2nd Place

Henry Vuong-3rd Place


Level 4

Xavier Rotnofsky-1st Place

Farahn Hughes-2nd Place


Level 5

Maureen Rendon, 1st Place

Sarah Romero-Chong-2nd Place


Level 6

Kelly Jieun Lee-1st Place


Level 7

Enrique Rangel-1st Place

Pianists who placed, performed in a Winner’s Concert May 15th 2011.

Meet the 2011 Jury

        Dr. Joachim Reinhuber

        Dr. Silvia Santinelli

        Dr. Yu Mei Huang

2011 LIPC Results